Mattress Tape

Mattress Tape

Fortune Emirates has been making mattress tapes for more than three years now. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of mattress tapes and raw materials in Ghana, Ethiopia and Nigeria, we’ve enabled the African mattress industry to thrive within a short span of time. 

Our aim is to make superior quality raw materials available to the African market at competitive prices. Our products help our clients design and construct durable and comfortable mattresses for their customers. We produce mattress tapes in different sizes and colours based on our clients’ specific requirements. Our mattress tapes come in widths ranging from 20mm – 65mm.

Features of our Mattress Tapes:

At Fortune Emirates, we take pride in keeping our diverse clientele happy and satisfied with our wide range of products and services. If you are interested in our products, we are more than happy to deliver it anywhere in Africa. 

Fortune Emirates supplies mattress tapes in the following regions:

Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Tanzania and other African countries.

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