TOTM Plasticizer, aka Tris (2-Ethylhexyl) Trimellitate, is perfect for low-volatility PVC applications. These applications incorporate wire and cable insulation and automotive interiors. TOTM plasticizer has one of a kind low relocation properties and extraction opposition properties that are required for dishwasher gaskets and photograph storage. Sometimes, TOTM is mixed with other universally useful plasticizers, for example, DUP or DOTP for low volatility.

Applications of TOTM Plasticizer

TOTM is a practically colourless and oily liquid, liberated from outside materials. TOTM has essentially expanded monomer plasticizers for vinyl homopolymers and Copolymer gums. TOTM is recommended for use in those end-use territories where Extreme low volatility is required. TOTM gives alluring properties in vinyl applications that require great plasticizer/sap similarity, low instability, protection from extraction by soapy water and great electrical properties. TOTM is frequently a decent substitute for polyester polymeric plasticizers where enhancements in preparing are wanted. As a plasticizer, TOTM is used widely for its unique extraction obstruction and electrical properties.

Fortune Emirates’s TOTM Plasticizer is available in:

Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE, Middle East and East African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti and Sudan. 

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