TDI Chemicals

TDI Chemicals

Fortune Emirates is a leading chemical distribution company in South Africa. Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) is one of the chemicals that we regularly supply to various industries here. TDI is an important component in the production of polyurethane foams, which are used for making furniture, car seating, etc. It is prepared by a 3-step reaction process: 1) nitration of toluene, where toluene is nitrated to produce dinitrotoluene 2) hydrogenation of dinitrotoluene to obtain toluene diamine, which is then followed by 3) phosgenation reaction of toluene diamine. 

Applications of TDI

At Fortune Emirates, we source TDI from the best manufacturers in the world to ensure quality and client satisfaction. As a long-time chemical supplier, we are in good standing with our partners and customers, which has enabled us to deliver products fast and on time. With operations across South Africa, we are able to supply competitively and respond to customer demands most efficiently. If you’re looking for a reliable TDI supplier in South Africa, contact us now. 

Fortune Emirates supplies TDI in:

South Africa and neighbouring countries.

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