Resins (PU and PVC)

Resins (PU and PVC)

South Africa’s largest polyurethane resin supplier, Fortune Emirates offers a range of resins to different industries and for different application requirements. Sourced from top manufacturers from around the world, our resins are subject to various levels of quality testing and traceability audits to ensure that our supplies are of the highest standards. As a professional and reliable supplier, we always adapt our range of products to fit the needs of different industries. We supply resins to a dozen industries including footwear, automobile, electronics and construction. 

Types of Resins 

Fortune Emirates deal in various grades of:

PVC Resin

From piping solutions to cable insulators, PVC has versatile applications. It is an amorphous thermoplastic that is lightweight and resistant to flame, chemicals and biological degradation. A durable modern day plastic, PVC is an indispensable material in the construction, healthcare, electronics and footwear industry. PVC generally comes in two forms:

Flexible: It is the plasticized version of PVC produced by the addition of plasticizers.

Rigid: It is commonly known as UPVC or Unplasticised PVC. Because of its stiffness and corrosion resistance UPVC is largely used in the construction sector. 

Applications of PVC

Polyurethane Resins

Owing to their peculiar characteristics, polyurethane resins find applications in a wide range of industries. They are produced by reacting polyols with isocyanate and have high elasticity, resilience and adhesion, which make them the best raw material for manufacturing floor paints, sealants, adhesives and foams.

Applications of Polyurethane

Fortune Emirates is a market leader in South Africa for delivering quality resins at competitive prices and on time. To ensure that our resins are free from impurities, we source them from the best manufacturers and store them safely in our well-supervised warehouses before dispatch. We deal in resins of all grades. If you’re looking for PVC or PU resins, contact us now. 

Fortune Emirates supplies Resins in:

South Africa

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