Mattress Tape

Mattress Tape

Fortune Emirates is engaged in the production and distribution of mattress tapes in South Africa. We make mattress tapes in a range of sizes, colours and designs that adhere to the high standards of our clients’ requirements. Owing to their superior quality, our tapes are in great demand among leading mattress manufacturers in the country. 

Made using high-quality materials and modern weaving methods, these tapes provide excellent durability, printability and strength, perfect for enhancing the look and feel of the mattresses. We can customise them based on individual requirements and without any minimum order limit. Our mattress tapes are available in widths ranging from 20mm – 65mm. 

Features of our Mattress Tapes:

As a manufacturer with over three years of experience, Fortune Emirates is always driven by quality and client satisfaction, which has enabled us to deliver products on time and beyond expectation. Reach out to us for quality mattress tapes in South Africa.

Fortune Emirates supplies mattress tapes in:

South Africa and the rest of Africa.

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