High-Density Polyethylene – HDPE

High-Density Polyethylene – HDPE

Africa’s most-trusted chemical distributors, Fortune Emirates is a go-to supplier for HDPE raw material. We supply HDPE to many industries in Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania.

A recyclable thermoplastic polymer, HDPE is mainly used for making pipes, conveyors, automobile parts, chemical tanks, bottles as well as cutting boards. This is due to the fact that it enjoys certain advantages over other substances such as high chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, good water impermeability and more. HDPE is easier to cut, drill, fabricate and weld, making it suitable for an end number of applications. Moreover, being FDA compliant, it is also used in the food packaging industry.

Types of HDPE, we offer

Applications of HDPE

At Fortune Emirates, we provide quality and a steady supply of chemicals and raw materials to the African market by sourcing materials from the finest manufacturers across the globe. We can supply HDPE in bulk or as per your requirement anywhere across the continent. With enough experience, we can also guide you in choosing the right raw material for your requirement in case you are not sure about it. For orders both large and small, call us now.

Fortune Emirates supplies HDPE in:

Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and the rest of Africa.

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