PVC and PU Resins

PVC and PU Resins

Fortune Emirates, Africa’s most-valued PVC resin supplier, specialises in the supply of resins of different types and grades. Procured from top manufacturers, our resins undergo rigorous quality tests before they are out for dispatch. This ensures that our customers get high performance resins with all the properties required for various applications. We’ve been a key supplier of PVC resins to several industries in Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt and Ghana. Our business portfolio includes clients from the footwear, automobile, electronics and medical equipment manufacturing industries. 

Types of Resins

Fortune Emirates stock different varieties of:

PVC Resin

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resin is a lightweight thermoplastic, obtained from the polymerisation of vinyl chloride. It is quite popular in households in the form of PVC pipes. The material has a high chemical, corrosion and flame resistance however, its characteristics are subject to change with the addition of other chemicals. It is a durable and tough substance and hence it is accepted widely in the healthcare, electronics, construction and transport industries. PVC is available in two basic forms: Flexible and Rigid. Flexible PVC is also called softened PVC or plasticized PVC, while rigid PVC is unplasticized and stiff.

Applications of PVC

Polyurethane Resins

PU resins are obtained when polyols react with isocyanates. Used widely in floor coatings, adhesives and foams, PU resins have high elasticity and water resistant properties. 

Applications of Polyurethane

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