Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Titanium Dioxide has been in commercial use for more than a century. A type of naturally occurring chemical, TiO2 is formed by the oxidation of titanium metal. It possesses several unique properties which make it an essential ingredient in various applications. 

For example, it is used in paints, inks and papers because of its high opacity and whiteness. Similarly, cosmetics industries use it in their products for its high refractive index and ability to trap UV rays. At Fortune Emirates, Titanium Dioxide is one of the key products that we supply to the African market with several buyers located in Tanzania, Nigeria and across the African continent.

Types of Titanium Dioxide, we offer

Applications of Titanium Dioxide

As a trusted supplier and distributor of industrial chemicals and raw materials in Africa and the Middle East, we’ve always been diligent in sourcing products from notable manufacturers, prompt in our delivery and competitive in our pricing. 

Apart from the quality and diversity of products, we believe that our strength lies in our relationship with our business partners. Aided by our strong supply chain network, we are able to procure in-demand products within a short span of time. We also take pride in our strategically located warehousing facilities and advanced distribution systems, which enable us to deliver products to our clients on time and at the best rates. If you’re interested in doing business with us, call us right away. 

Fortune Emirates supplies Titanium Dioxide in the following regions:

Nigeria, Tanzania and other African countries

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