Fortune Emirates is a leading polyol supplier in South Africa. We supply polyols to major polyurethane industries in the region and for various applications. No matter the scope and end-use, we can satisfy your specific requirements with our product range. We offer both conventional polyols as well as co-polymer polyols. Co-polymer polyols have different Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) properties, which can enhance the weight-bearing capacity of the foam. We can also provide polyols for producing high resilience foams and moulded foams. 

Types of Polyols, we offer

Applications of Polyols

As a market-leading supplier of polyurethane raw materials, we are committed to delivering quality through our products and services, which has enabled us to earn a good reputation in the South African market. Our long-term association with the leading polyurethane manufacturers in the world has translated into wider acceptance of our products. If you are looking for a polyol supplier in South Africa to do business with, contact us. We can handle any order size! 

Fortune Emirates supplies Polyols in:

South Africa and neighbouring countries

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