Fillers and Extenders

Fortune Emirates is the leading suppliers of fillers and extenders in Ghana.

Fillers and extenders are materials that are commonly used in the fiberglass industry to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of fiberglass products. These materials are added to fiberglass resin or other materials in small amounts to alter their physical and chemical properties.

Fillers are materials that are added to fiberglass resin to improve its strength, stiffness, and other physical properties. They can be used to increase the density of the resin, improve its thermal conductivity, or reduce its shrinkage during curing. Common fillers used in the fiberglass industry include talc, mica, and calcium carbonate.

Extenders, on the other hand, are materials that are added to fiberglass resin to reduce its cost and improve its processing characteristics. They are usually low-cost materials that are added in large amounts to the resin and do not significantly affect its physical properties. Extenders are often used to reduce the amount of expensive resin needed in a product, or to improve the flow and handling characteristics of the resin during processing. Common extenders used in the fiberglass industry include glass fibers, glass beads, and glass microspheres.

Both fillers and extenders are important materials in the fiberglass industry, as they help to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of fiberglass products. They are used in a variety of applications, including automotive parts, marine vessels, construction materials, and many other products.

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of Fillers and Extenders

  • Storage tanks
  • House building
  • Oil and gas artificial lift systems
  • Piping (GRP & GRE)

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