Fortune Emirates is one of the leading suppliers of polyols in the Middle East and Africa. Polyols are the most important component for manufacturing polyurethanes.

Polyol is a chemical compound that is used in the production of polyurethane (PU) materials. It is a type of alcohol that contains multiple hydroxyl (-OH) groups, which makes it reactive with isocyanates and other chemicals.

Polyols are used as the main component in the production of PU foams and elastomers. When mixed with an isocyanate, they undergo a chemical reaction that results in the formation of a polymer. The type and properties of the resulting polymer depend on the specific polyol and isocyanate used, as well as any additives that are added to the mixture.

There are several types of polyols, including polyether polyols, polyester polyols, and polycarbonate polyols. Polyether polyols are made from ethers and are used in the production of flexible PU foams. Polyester polyols are made from esters and are used in the production of rigid PU foams. Polycarbonate polyols are made from carbonates and are used in the production of high-strength PU elastomers.

Polyols are used in a wide range of applications, including construction, automotive, furniture, and textiles. They are known for their versatility, as they can be easily modified to suit specific applications. They are also energy-efficient to produce and have a long lifespan, which makes them a more sustainable choice in certain applications.

Overall, polyol is an important chemical compound that is used in the production of PU materials and has a wide range of applications due to its versatility and durability.

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of Polyol

  • Flexible Foams
  • Rigid Foams
  • CASE applications

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