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Upholstery and Furniture Accessories

Whether you’re looking for staples to finish off your furniture upholstery work or a range of materials to begin a new upholstery project, we have got you covered. Fortune Emirates is a reliable, low-cost upholstery and furniture accessories supplier in Dubai, UAE. We stock all kinds of essential upholstery materials to help our customers succeed in their upholstery projects. We’ve been partnering with some of the leading furniture manufacturers in the region, providing the best quality upholstery supplies at the lowest rates. Whatever your application, we have got a product for every step of your process.

Staples 80 & 100 Series Brad Nails Spray Glue Elastic Webbing Velcro/Magic Tape Cotton Piping PP Spunbonded – Non-Woven Legs
Used in:

Upholstery and furniture accessories are used in Upholstery works and Furniture manufacturing.

With more than 20 years of experience in upholstery supplies, we source top-quality products for our customers across the UAE. We also stock a wide range of upholstery supplies in our local warehouses to offer our customers the product they need and that it is readily available at competitive prices. You can always turn to us when it comes to upholstery materials like mattress spray glue, elastic webbing, staples, or any other product.

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