The woven roving consists of thick fibre bundles woven into a single-end rove. Open mould applications commonly use this material in conjunction with chopped strand mats or gun rovings.

In addition to its outstanding mechanical and electrical properties, Woven roving exhibits excellent acid corrosion resistance. Ideal for multi-layer hand lay-up applications that demand a high level of fracture toughness. Wet out, good drapability, and cost-effective. Woven Roving offers a multitude of weaves, weights, widths, and coatings to suit a number of applications.

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of Roving

  • Storage tanks
  • House building
  • Oil and gas artificial lift systems
  • Piping (GRP & GRE)

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Iso resin does not contain any wax. Because of its great resilience, this resin is commonly utilized in mould production.

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Fillers and Extenders

The cobalt-based stimulator aids the catalyst in initiating the chemical reaction between the resin and the styrene monomer, resulting in the formation of a hardened product.

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Chopped Strand Mat

CSM offers superior handling and tailoring capabilities, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to even the most intricate molds.

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Styrene monomer is an industrial by-product that is generated from petroleum or natural gas.

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Orthophthalic resin is a hybrid composite resin made from polyester and styrene with the addition of catalysts and additives.

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Hardener and Accelerator

Additives have been shown to improve part strength and rigidity, oxidation inhibition, fire resistance, shrinkage reduction, antistatic resistance...

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