Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is one of the whitest and most-produced chemicals in existence. It is a naturally occurring odourless substance with high opacity and unique characteristics and hence, suitable for a range of applications. 

Though used mostly in manufacturing paints, printing inks, papers and adhesives, it has several other catalytic applications as well, especially in the automotive industry. This compound is even used as a food colourant. The high refractive index and UV absorption properties of titanium dioxide make it one of the most sought-after contents in sunblock creams and several cosmetic products. Fortune Emirates is one of the leading suppliers of Titanium Dioxide in South Africa. 

Types of Titanium Dioxide, we offer

Applications of Titanium Dioxide

With over two decades of chemical trading experience, Fortune Emirates can be your perfect partner for raw materials like Titanium Dioxide. The products that we supply are sourced from the best manufacturers in the world and therefore meet the strictest standards and requirements of the South African market. We provide chemicals and raw materials to both the emerging as well as the leading industries in the region at highly competitive rates. If you’re interested in buying Titanium Dioxide from us, get in touch with us immediately.

Fortune Emirates supplies Titanium Dioxide in the following regions:

South Africa and other African countries

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