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Staples 80&100 Series
Spray Glue
Elastic Webbing
Velcro/Magic Tape
Cotton Piping
PP Spunbonded – Non Woven


Quilting Thread 210D-3/ 40S-3
Thread 20S-2/ 40S-2/ 20S-3
Button Thread 210D-18
Pocket Spring
Bonnel Spring/ M Spring
Cotton Felt
Mattress Clips
Headboard Bolt/Linking Bar
Corner Guard and Mattress Ventilator
Rug Roller/Twin Wheel Castor/Divan Leg

Furniture and Mattress organisation make adaptable pieces as they know about the significant job bedding and furniture plays in individuals’ lives. These household items are outwardly satisfying and agreeable to utilize. Furniture and mattress units are made genuinely to meet the requirements of inside spaces. It is truly furniture and bedding fittings that add to the usefulness of furniture and mattress pieces.

 Mattress Products

  • Quilting Thread 210D-3/ 40S-3
  • Thread 20S-2/ 40S-2/ 20S-3
  • Button Thread 210D-18
  • Pocket Spring
  • Bonnell Spring/ M Spring
  • Cotton Felt
  • Mattress Clips
  • Rug Roller/Twin Wheel Castor/Divan Leg
  • Staples
  • Spray Glue
  • Elastic Webbing
  • PP Spunbonded – Non-Woven
  • Legs
  • Cotton Piping

Furniture and mattress ought to be useful; regardless of how upscale it is. On the off chance that in vogue furniture or mattress that isn’t useful, doesn’t have a spot in your home. Pick the correct sort of furniture and mattress to suit your needs just as knowing where they fit. Before you get one, think about the accessories as a top need in choosing these pieces.

Fortune Emirates’s Bedding Accessories are available in:

Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE, Middle East and East African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti and Sudan.


Polyester Staple Fiber

  • Hollow Conjugate Silicon / Non – Silicon
  • Solid Fiber
  • Low Melt
  • Recycled Fiber


Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF) is a type of polyester fibre made from recycled polyester waste and PET bottle scraps. It finds use in a variety of applications including cushion filling, filtration and the manufacturing of non-woven fabrics. PSF is a washable fibre and has good chemical resistance, high resilience and quick-drying properties. 

Applications of PSF

  • Filling material for cushion, quilts, pillows, seats, etc.
  • Filtration fabrics
  • Non-woven geotextiles

We are a trusted polyester fibre supplier in the UAE. Serving diverse industries ranging from automotive to mattress, carpet and textile manufacturers, we provide high-quality PSF that offers excellent strength and durability to the products. 

Fabrics for Mattress

  • Pongee
  • Brushed
  • American TC
  • Knitted
  • Satin
  • Jacquard

Fortune Emirates is a leading supplier of mattress fabrics in the Middle East and Africa. We pick fabric textures with extraordinary consideration such as its value, comfort level and quality. Our mattress fabrics can add to the extravagance, execution, feel and solidness of your bedding. 

They can likewise assume a significant job in the breathability of the external layers of your mattress and help in temperature guidelines. As far as breathability, dampness and temperature guideline is considered, textures made with normal strands will outflank textures made with manufactured filaments, for example, polyester. A few textures have uncommon added substances to help control temperature and dampness for the individuals who will in general rest hot. The best mattress fabrics textures are made of a top-notch woven or sew materials that are adaptable, solid, agreeable, and breathable and will permit the fundamental layers to carry out the responsibility they were intended to do.

Our Products

  • Pongee Fabrics
  • Brushed Fabrics
  • American TC Fabrics
  • Knitted Fabrics
  • Satin Fabrics
  • Jacquard Fabrics
  • Tricot Fabrics
  • Spunbonded fabrics

We specialise in all kinds of mattress fabrics to meet your unique needs in the industry. We use only top-quality natural and synthetic fibres to produce our fabrics, which are suitable for manufacturing a broad range of spring mattresses, foam mattresses, headboards, bedding materials and other textiles. Being a supplier of choice in the UAE, we always keep our promise of delivering best-quality fabrics at the best price without delay.

Fortune Emirates’s Mattress Fabrics are available in:

Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE, Middle East and East African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti and Sudan



Polythene Sheet/ Packing Roll
Stretch Film
Masking Tape
Clear Tape
Bubble Roll
Carton Closing Staples


Foam Machine
Quilting Machine
Tape Edge Machine
Cutting Machine
Pillow Machine


Foam Cutter
Drill Driver
Circular Saw
Sander Machine
Table Saw
Pneumatic Stapler gun for Upholstery and Carpentry
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